Gas bills, consumption-related bonus reform under study

The direction is outlined by the president of Arera, Stefano Besseghini, in an interview with ‘Il Sole 24 Ore’

At the end of March the aid to control gas bills will expire and Arera, the Energy Authority, is studying a reform for a discount so that it is more linked to household consumption. Outlining the direction is the president Stefano Besseghini, in an interview with ‘Il Sole 24 Ore’. “The social bonuses that have become tools of success weigh much more than before. And including them without distinction in bills risks having very serious effects for consumers” says Besseghini. “The goal is to ensure that they are correctly selective, having clear information on household consumption and on the income indicator. We are considering linking them more closely to individual household consumption. And on this we have received quite positive responses from the recent consultation document but cautious about the timing of implementation. It is a road, but it will be necessary to carefully evaluate its feasibility”.

As for the fact that system charges should be financed by general taxation and not in bills, Besseghini replies: “I remain convinced that this is the way to go. And it is important that a passage has been opened with the transfer, under that hat, of the charges linked to nuclear”.