Gas bills down 13% in February

Prices down for families still on the protected market compared to January of this year

The drop in the gas bill for families still in protection continues. The Arera communicates it. On the basis of the average performance of the Italian wholesale market in February 2023 and for consumption in the same month, for the type one family under protection there is a decrease of -13% in the bill compared to January 2023, which had already undergone a marked reduction.

The component of the gas price to cover procurement costs, applied to customers still in the protected market, is updated by Arera as a monthly average of the price on the Italian wholesale market and published within the first 2 working days of the month following the reference month . For the month of February, which recorded an even lower average wholesale price than that of January, the price of the gas raw material, for customers with contracts under protected conditions, is equal to 56.87 euros /MWh.

As required by the ‘Budget Law’, for the first quarter of 2023 Arera has already zeroed the general system charges also for gas. The negative UG2 component for gas consumption up to 5,000 sm3/year and the 5% VAT reduction on gas were also confirmed.