Gas bills, Giorgetti: “Down by 40% in February”

”We had to make the state go bankrupt and instead we’re still here…”

“I don’t want to say things that won’t happen, but we count that from the beginning of February” gas costs could drop by about 40%even on the bill. Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti said this at a Lega round table at the Manzoni theater in Milan. ” We have put everything that was available to reduce bills for families and businesses as much as possible “. ” We had to make the state go bankrupt and instead we are still here … ” he adds.

THE NEW SYSTEM – “We are also working on a mechanism for which you pay at a price that – adds Giorgetti – I have defined as ‘political’ consumption in line with the previous ones and with prices that follow the market for surpluses, to reward the virtuous and those who save in consumption”. “Now the idea is that from April 1st the system should change, in order to guarantee the same political prices up to a percentage of household consumption in the previous year or years”. Giancarlo Giorgetti speaks from the stage of the Manzoni theater in Milan and reveals that the government is working to ensure political prices for gas bills up to a certain percentage of consumption, while ”the extra is set at market prices”. ”We are working on it and hope to arrive in time for March. Thus, somehow, we should induce those who save and have virtuous behavior not to have increases. It seems to me that things are going a little better, we have found others who sell us gas and the market has calmed down a bit. I’m moderately optimistic.”

PNRR – “In addition to autonomy, the proposal to review a series of rules for shorter times will also arrive this week” on the Pnrr. “This – added Giorgetti – is borrowed money and the responsibility we have is to spend it well and quickly, for things that are useful”. ” The Pnrr is now a beautiful manifesto, many beautiful projects and many goals achieved on paper, which must become reality, works … to do this we need to change some rules of the game ” he concludes.