Gas, Erdogan: “Agreement with Putin for hub in Turkey”

“Europe will be able to get gas through us”, announces the Turkish leader

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reached an agreement with Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin for the creation of a gas hub in Turkey. “An agreement has been reached with Putin for the creation of a gas hub in Turkey,” said Erdogan himself, as reported by Haber’s website. ” We will create a gas hub from Russia. As Putin said, Europe can get natural gas through Turkey, ” Erdogan said.

The proposal to create the largest gas hub in Europe in Turkey was formulated by Putin to Erdogan on October 13 in Astana, Kazakhstan. “The gas prices of a hub in Turkey could be determined without political influence”, said the Russian president, who then expressing appreciation for the reliability shown by Ankara had added: “The Russian energy supply to Turkey is in line with the requests and could be increased “. To Putin’s proposal to create a gas hub in Turkey, by Erdogan “there was a very positive reaction, an interested reaction”, Peskov promptly explained.

The day after the Astana meeting, Erdogan confirmed that Ankara would work together with Russia to make Turkey a hub for the redistribution of Russian gas to third countries. “We have ordered the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the institution in charge of the Russian side to collaborate,” Erdogan assured reporters on the plane that brought him back to Turkey from Astana. The goal is to create an “international distribution center” for gas, Erdogan had indicated, underlining that the most favorable territory would be the region of Eastern Thrace, on the shores of the Black Sea. This region is already reached by TurkStream, which according to Putin today it is the most reliable pipeline for export.