Gas Italia, Cingolani: “Contract at controlled prices after elections”

Will he still be a minister? “I am done”

The gas contract at controlled prices will come after the elections, as early as next week I hope “. Thus the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, on the sidelines of the Youth4Climate in New York, replies to reporters about the ministerial decree on gas at controlled prices for gas-intensive companies.” We are at 87 , 87% of stockpiles and I have already signed the letter to go over 90%. If it were possible to reach 92-93% … It would be necessary to have more flexibility in winter “.

Gas supplies from Algeria “certainly arrive, have already denied and clarified everything. Today 70 million cubic meters of gas arrive a day from Algeria, before the crisis there were about a third. Then there seemed to be problems but they clarified, these are the numbers, the rest is chatter “.

Will he still be a minister? “I’m finished. Whoever arrives, will have a folder with things to do in continuity, then he will do as he pleases … Even on Pnrr we are perfect, precise as a clock”.