Gas Italia, Cingolani: “Storage towards 90% by early winter”

‘with the numbers we have, rationing shouldn’t be needed’

“The current storage trend, that is, the creation of reserves, is proceeding according to the ideal curve that must lead us to have 90% of the stocks, at least, for the start of the cold season. We have guaranteed quantities in order at this time. of 80-90 million cubic meters per day “. Thus the Minister for Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani on the occasion of the press conference following the Council of Ministers today. Gas storage is “in line with the objectives” and “has had an important acceleration thanks to the operation that the GSE is carrying out, as a single contracting authority, and to the contribution of Snam. There is a slowdown on the part of other countries and actually our acceleration “.

“We have a gas saving plan that is very simple – he explains – every 8 Gw of renewables we save 2 billion cubic meters; if we decrease the heating temperature by one degree, at home, we save another 2 billion cubic meters; if we extend the phase out of coal-fired plants by one year, offsetting that little bit of CO2 emitted with renewables, we have another 2 billion cubic meters of gas saved. With biogas and biomethane and all the new renewables we start from half a billion cubic meters saved immediately, within a year, at 1.5 at full capacity. Unfortunately we must be realistic, the international situation is unstable and we hope there will be improvements, but with these numbers “, from storage to the savings plan to diversification,” there should be no reason to make a rationing, as there will probably be in other countries. The numbers we have are the best in Europe “.

“We replace the 30 billion cubic meters of Russian gas with about 25 billion cubic meters of new supplies with a very rapid growth curve, thus maintaining the expected decrease in gas because while we do this we are maintaining the decarbonisation route. We are able to keep both commitments: national energy security and the decarbonisation route “.

“For the residual remnant of 2022, 7-8 billion cubic meters from other supplies are arriving; next year 18 will arrive and 25 will arrive in 2024. Half of this will be gas going into the pipelines and the other half will be Liquefied natural gas. The key point is to be sure that we can, starting from the beginning of next year, turn the additional LNG we have found into gas. This is about 5 billion more next year and another 5 billion in 2024. This it is an element that could become limiting “, adds Cingolani, underlining that” we cannot put national energy security at risk because we don’t want to put a regasifier.