Gas Italia, Cingolani: “The savings plan is sustainable”

“We can save almost a third of the gas we used to get from Russia every year”

The plan to reduce gas consumption in Italy is sustainable and can guarantee significant savings in resources. This was underlined by the minister for ecological transition, Roberto Cingolani, in an interview with Radio Capital.

” If the community behaves in a sober manner in energy consumption on a voluntary level, it saves a quantity of gas that can reach almost a third of what we previously took from Russia every year. We have made a private housing plan that is not draconian, but sustainable. We are working with companies and Confindustria to make a plan for industrial consumption, ” says Cingolani.

Russia promises Italy’s “economic suicide” due to the sanctions that Rome has also adopted against Moscow. ” It is an attack that reveals a totalitarian mentality. They think states take order from other states. We are a great democracy, in a trust of European democracies. We are working to ensure energy independence ”, says the minister.