Gas, Margiotta: “We need an EU plan against energy catastrophe”

“With this energy crisis, much more serious than that of the 1970s, the specter of the so-called ‘stagflation’ is unfortunately materializing: GDP and economic development at a standstill, with skyrocketing inflation and, as a logical consequence, so much unemployment and families in trouble . Even the government of the best is struggling, offering short-term solutions “. This was stated in a note by Angelo Raffaele Margiotta, general secretary of the autonomous Confederation Confsal.

“The gas question – continues Margiotta – lays bare the inaction of the central bank and a European community such only in name in which governments go in no particular order, making themselves easy prey for international speculation”. For Margiotta, “a European defense plan centered on three points is indispensable: an energy fund of at least one thousand billion euros, allocated by the ECB; the supply of gas by the European Commission as a single EU buyer capable of obtain reasonable prices; the distribution of the gas thus acquired to the countries of the community at a stable price that protects the production processes of companies and the daily life of families “.

“We hope that the Italian government will be able to promote this plan without which Italy faces an economic and social catastrophe. We also hope – concludes Margiotta – that the political forces focus their attention on this very serious emergency and on how to deal with the incoming catastrophe. “.