Gas, Pichetto Fratin: “The storage situation for winter 2023 is worrying”

A guest at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan for the ‘North Direction’ event, the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security explained that next year finding resources in view of the cold months will be more difficult due to the lack of Russian supplies and the possible effects linked to the European price cap. Then he announced his proposal for the CDM which will meet this evening: a national price cap on renewables

Three potentially difficult months to overcome. This is how Gilberto Pichetto Fratin frames the winter that Italy will face in 2023. For the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security, a guest at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan for the ‘North Direction’ event, to arouse “strong concerns” in view of the cold months of next year it is in fact the finding of resources, which could be complicated by the lack of Russian supplies and the effects of the European price cap. A scenario such as to induce him to put a new proposal on the table of the Council of Ministers convened this evening: the introduction of a ceiling on the national price on renewables.

The risks

“The lack of Russian supplies means that during the summer we will have to build up reserves, stockpiles and of course be ready for next winter”. These are the words used by Pichetto Fratin. He explained: “We don’t have all this availability, we are a country that consumes 76 billion cubic meters of gas alone and so far the national withdrawal has been around 3 billion, consequently we are missing 73”. “We are leveraging agreements international organizations that can raise this threshold”, continued the minister, specifying however that it is always and in any case a threshold “of only prospective value”.

National price cap

Pichetto Fratin will also present a proposal to the Council of Ministers scheduled for tonight“national price cap on renewables”. He said it himself, explaining that the measure would consist in putting a ceiling on the price of energy produced from sustainable sources since these do not have excessive production costs”. “A very high ceiling in this case, 180 euros per megawatt is the proposal elaborated by Mase, which triggers and determines a levy on the company if the threshold is exceeded” concludes the minister.

Stop to fossil fuels

“We need to switch to renewable energies as quickly as possible, and therefore see the abandonment of coal and oil”, said Picchetto Fratin again. clean energy and then produce it with hydrocarbons”, continued the owner of Ambiente, who concluded: “Abandonment of fossil fuels, however difficult it may be, is an indispensable step”.