Gas price, Bonomi: “The Draghi Government can and must intervene”

The president of Confindustria: “We need a ceiling on the price, if it is not done at a European level it must be done at a national level”

” Every day we see a increase in the price of gas. The Draghi government can and must intervene ”. This was stated by the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, speaking on Tg1. ” We need interventions such as a ceiling on the price of gas, if it is not done at the European level it must be done at the national level ”, according to the president. Furthermore, it is necessary to ” decouple the price of electricity from that of gas ” and ” the temporary suspension of ets certificates ”. Finally, Bonomi asks to “reserve a portion of the production of renewable energy at administered cost, as they do in other countries”.


The topic of gas was dealt with by Prime Minister Mario Draghi yesterday in his speech at the Rimini 2022 meeting. “With the new regasifiers, Italy will be able to be completely independent from Russian gas from autumn 2024. It is a fundamental objective for national security “. The rising costs of energy and gas “have reached unsustainable levels. We have pushed hard at EU level for a cap on the price of gas. But some countries continue to oppose because they fear supply blocks “however” frequent blockages this summer have shown the limits of this position. The EU finds itself with uncertain supplies and rising costs. Next European council will be presented with a proposal by the commission “.

“Russia has not hesitated to use gas as a geopolitical weapon against Ukraine and its European allies. There is a lot of talk about sovereignty, but depending, as has happened in the past, for almost half of its gas supplies from a country that does not has never stopped chasing its imperial past is the exact opposite of sovereignty. It must never happen again “, the premier’s words.

“The energy crisis due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine also required speed of action. In a few months, we have significantly reduced gas imports from Russia, a radical change in Italian energy policy. We have made new agreements to increase supplies – from Algeria to Azerbaijan. The effects were immediate: last year, about 40% of our gas imports came from Russia. Today, on average, it is about half. We have accelerated the development of renewables – essential to reduce our energy vulnerability, to reduce emissions “, said Draghi.

“In the first eight months of this year alone, there were requests for new connections to renewable energy plants for a capacity equal to almost four times that installed overall in 2020 and 2021. Our diversification agenda from Russian gas was fundamental. to give citizens and businesses greater certainty about the stability of supplies “.