Gas price ceiling, Meloni: “Great victory, thanks also to Draghi”

“The previous government educated her”

“The agreement reached in Europe on the gas price ceiling is a great Italian victory, built with great patience and for which we should also thank the previous government that instructed it”. Thus the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni leaving the Jewish Museum in Rome where he took part in the Chanukkià lighting ceremony.

“We managed to win in Europe on the price of gas, a battle that many considered doomed, and which we brought home. I am very satisfied. I have to thank Ministers Pichetto, Fitto and Cingolani who worked on it before. Now it is a question of monitoring “.

TRAVEL TO ISRAEL – A trip to Israel, says the prime minister, “is not scheduled yet but obviously it will be one of the next trips I will make, hopefully in the first months of next year”.

LAZIO – “For me at this stage the enhancement of sharing in the center-right alliance is very important,” says Meloni. “That’s the reason why I proposed a shortlist of three names” and “we’re running out of conversations, I hope we’ll have a name in the next few hours, but I have to thank these three personalities first for being available, three excellent names. It’s important for me to share the name with allies at this stage.”