Gas price, Scholz ready to launch a 200 billion euro plan in Germany

For Germany it is the real perfect storm: record inflation at 10%, the highest level since the early 1950s, exploding gas prices, large leaks (now four) in the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea. “We are in the midst of an energy war, well-being and freedom are at stake”: the words of the German Finance Minister Christian Lindner perfectly capture the sense of emergency that crosses the country. Emergency that the federal government led by Olaf Scholz has decided to counter with a “shield” of 200 billion euros. To be aware of the proportions, we are talking about a help package – aimed at curbing the drastic increase in the price of gas – in the size of the Recovery Fund.

The move of the German Chancellor

“A very clear answer to Putin”, insists the head of Finance, according to whom “the risk is that many of the achievements that have been built over the decades will be destroyed: we cannot accept it and we will defend ourselves”. The Chancellor has chosen clear words: “Prices must fall and will fall” to help citizens and businesses to face “this immense challenge”. To protect the country from the effects of the war in Ukraine (LIVEBLOG), says Scholz, “we are opening a large umbrella that allows everyone, citizens, workers and even businesses, to face rising gas prices. it will act as a brake on the price of gas and will be financed with a fund for economic stabilization equal to 200 billion euros “. A package of measures that will be active “this year and beyond next year”.