Gas, Russia: “Europe is the final phase of energy suicide”

This is the conviction expressed by the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister in his speech at the Baku Forum

“We are in the final phase of Europe’s energy suicide”. This is the conviction expressed by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko, in his speech at the XV edition of the Eurasian Economic Forum, underway in Baku. And that we have entered this phase, the number two of Moscow diplomacy denounced, “Europe’s reaction of absolute impassibility in the face of the attacks against the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, which are Russian-owned, but constitute the basis of Europe’s energy security “.

Grushko has reconstructed how this phase has been reached, from the start of cooperation between Russia and Europe for the construction of the first gas pipelines to the “total renunciation of freedom on the European side, exchanged for dependence on the United States”.

Over the decades “dozens of projects have been implemented” in the context of cooperation between Moscow and European countries, projects that have been kept “outside the ideological context, there was the Cold War and then the war in the former Yugoslavia, entire states have disappeared from the map, but no one ever thought of using energy cooperation as a weapon of pressure and also as a military one “, underlined the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister. Who then complained that at a certain point “the Europeans decided to give up the advantages that came from cooperation with Russia, while the United States managed to avoid what they feared most: the rapprochement between Russia and Europe. “.