Gas Russia in the EU, Putin: “Gazprom respects contracts”

The Kremlin leader warns: “If there is no gas, Brussels will lift sanctions on Nord Stream 2”

Gazprom and Russia have always fulfilled and will continue to fulfill their contractual obligations on gas supplies. This was reiterated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Gazprom and Russia have always fulfilled and intend to fulfill all their obligations under our agreements and contracts, there have never been and there will never be violations”, he assured him speaking in Samarkand.

If there is a “difficult” situation in Europe due to the shortage of gas, the EU “can lift the sanctions on Nord Stream 2”, the gas pipeline that should connect Russia to Germany and whose implementation has been suspended , said the Kremlin leader.

“After all, if they are so desperate, if everything is difficult – Putin joked – they removed the sanctions on Nord Stream 2. It is 55 billion cubic meters a year, just press a button and that’s it”. But no, “they closed it, they closed it here, they closed it there. They put a new pipeline, Nord Stream 2, under sanctions. And it’s our fault. Let them think who’s to blame what, instead of blaming us for their mistakes. ”