Gas stations: “Frozen strike”. Thursday new table with the government

The acronyms of the distributors maintain the convocation of the agitation. Urso: “Available for changes, I hope that there will be constructive dialogue”

No revocation for now of the gas station strike. “During the meeting there was no concrete commitment, the verbs continue to be conjugated in the future and in the conditional. For the moment there is nothing that can make us say that the strike has been revoked”, said the president of Fegica, Roberto De Vincenzo at the end of the table at Mimit.

The government meeting with the managers of the fuel plants Faib Confesercenti, Fegica, Figisc and Anisa Confcommercio began shortly after 3 pm. At the table were, among others, the head of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Enterprise, Federico Eichberg and the Guarantor for price surveillance, Benedetto Mineo.

Even the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, took part in the discussion after the hearing in the Senate.

“We come from a table that we believe is sufficiently exhaustive with respect to the requests. The commitment from the government and from politics are fundamental and important. We will meet again shortly. The mobilization remains in progress. The strike will remain frozen because we will go to a press conference next Thursday and earlier we will have documentation from the Government with respect to the requests made both on the decree and on the future of the sector”, said the president of Faib, Giuseppe Sperduto.

“I saw both positive and negative aspects. Clearly we expect the government to be able to have a more concrete attitude in Thursday’s meeting”, underlined the president of Figisc, Bruno Bearzi.

“There is always willingness to make changes” to the decree on price transparency. “Obviously there is a parliamentary path. The changes can come from Parliament or on the initiative of the Government”. Thus the Minister of Enterprise Adolfo Urso during the table at Mimit. “My hope – he explained when answering a question about the strike announced for January 25 and 26 – is that there will be a serene and constructive dialogue to improve the measure”.

Meanwhile, the table will go on. “Certainly – underlined Urso – this discussion will go ahead because it is an objective of the government. We believe that the sector is strategic”.

During the round table, Urso added, “we expressed the government’s intention to improve and accept the requests” of the managers and owners of the plants “if in line with the need to provide better transparency on price dynamics and effectively contain any speculative attempt”.