Gas storage in Italy is still growing, +30 million m3

Gas injections continue in Italian storage. Today the forecast is around 30 million cubic meters. According to Snam data, viewed by Adnkronos, the forecast of gas injected into the network by the end of the day is approximately 190 million cubic meters compared to consumption of approximately 140 million cubic meters. The filling level of storage in Italy is over 90% (90.25% as of 28 September) against 88.25% as the EU average.

Import flows from Mazara del Vallo, the Algerian gas entry point, are stable, with over 80 million cubic meters. In Melendugno, with the flows from Azerbaijan via Tap, supplies amounted to around 30 million cubic meters. The physical flows arriving in Tarvisio, where the Russian gas comes from via the gas pipeline through Ukraine, are essentially zero as a result of imports (18.7) and commercial exports (18.3). The reason is the spread between the Italian (PSV) and foreign (Ttf) markets, which attracts gas by virtue of the higher prices compared to the Italian market. This lack was compensated for by the other flows. In this period, moreover, there is greater availability of gas than the demand which is decreasing thanks to the shutdown of the air conditioners and the fact that the heaters have not been turned on.

As for the main European countries, according to the GIE (Gas Infrastructure Europe) data updated to 28 September, in Germany, which has the largest storage capacity in Europe ahead of Italy, the filling level of the storage is currently at 91 , 28%. In France it stands at 96.68%.