Gas, storage in Italy is still growing, +45 million m3

Gas injections continue in Italian storage, also thanks to the fact that demand is falling thanks to the shutdown of the air conditioners and the fact that the heaters have not been turned on. Today the forecast is around 45 million cubic meters. According to Snam data, viewed by Adnkronos, the forecast of gas injected into the network by the end of the day is around 200 million cubic meters compared to consumption of around 140 million cubic meters. The filling level of storage in Italy is over 91% (91.15% as of 2 October) against 89.32% as the EU average.

The flows of imports from Mazara del Vallo, the entry point of Algerian gas, amounted to over 60 million cubic meters. In Melendugno, with the flows from Azerbaijan via Tap, supplies amounted to over 30 million cubic meters. At Passo Gries, with supplies from Northern Europe, the flow is just under 30 million. Today also Tarvisio is back slightly in profit but with less than 10 million cubic meters: but these are not flows from Russia but spot flows of Austrian gas. The three regasifiers are also injecting gas. Exports today are lower than last week (Saturday and yesterday) because the price level of all markets has aligned unlike the past few days when the Austrian and German markets were slightly higher favoring exports.

As regards the main European countries, according to the GIE (Gas Infrastructure Europe) data updated to 2 October, in Germany, which has the largest storage capacity in Europe ahead of Italy, the filling level of the storage is currently at 92. 08%. In France it stands at 97.39%.