Gasoline prices, Meloni sees Gdf leaders: the increases today in the CDM

The premier will take stock with the Finance on the fight against speculation on price lists, the government will evaluate in the afternoon whether to intervene on the expensive fuel

After the stop to cut excise duties, petrol and fuel prices skyrocketing again. And the government is evaluating actions to combat the increases and counter any speculation on the price lists. Today the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, together with the Minister of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti, will therefore meet the Commander General of the Guardia di Finanza, Gen. Giuseppe Zafarana, at Palazzo Chigi, to take stock and evaluate any possible further action contrast aimed at avoiding increases considered anomalous. Meanwhile, yesterday the Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini announced that in the CDM scheduled for today’s afternoon, around 18.30, the ministers will discuss “whether war, expensive materials and expensive raw materials should intervene, if there is money to intervene ”.

”I’m happy – explained the minister – that there are blanket checks because someone alas, even in this case, as for gas and electricity, is taking advantage of them. You can’t pay 1.70 euros in one city and 2.30 euros in another for the same product,” he observed. Therefore, in the meantime, it is necessary to ”block the smart ones and make those who are exaggerating pay. Then I realize that the falling prices also reach the petrol pump because the price per barrel cannot drop and the price at the petrol station increase”.

Meanwhile, the Guardia di Finanza announced yesterday the number of disputes raised for violations of fuel price regulations in 2022: out of 5,187 interventions, 2,809 violations were found. Of these violations, 717 concerned the failure to display and/or discrepancies in the prices charged with respect to the prices indicated and 2,092 the failure to notify the ministry.