Gasoline prices, the complaint: “Record price lists, costs out of control”

The Codacons: “On the island Vulcano diesel flies at 2.349 euro per liter, in Ischia a liter of green costs today 2.054 euro”

Yet increases in petrol and diesel prices. The Codacons denounces it which, analyzing the prices communicated today by the managers, records record price lists in some areas of Italy. On the basis of the latest available data, on the island of Vulcano diesel has reached 2.349 euros per liter in served mode, 2.239 euros/litre for petrol. In La Maddalena, Sardinia, petrol rises to 2.087 euros per litre, 2.229 euros for diesel. In Ischia a liter of green costs 2.054 euros today, diesel flies to 2.104 euros.

The prices on the motorway are prohibitive, where in served mode petrol costs 2.392 euros/litre on the A1 Rome-Milan, and diesel costs around 2.5 euros per liter (2.479 euros); on the A4 Brescia-Padua motorway, petrol at 2.384 euros/litre, diesel at 2.449 euros/litre, notes Codacons in its monitoring.

“Fuel prices seem out of control, and after the halt to the cut in excise duties we are witnessing strong increases in pump price lists throughout the territory, the extent of which does not seem in any way justified by the trend in oil prices – says the president Carlo Rienzi – For this reason we have presented a complaint to 104 public prosecutors throughout Italy and to the Guardia di Finanza, asking them to investigate the prices of petrol and diesel in order to ascertain any speculation or unjustified price increases”.