Gasoline prices today, stop the declines at the pump

Today’s price averages

Petrol, diesel, LPG, methane: today the reductions on the recommended price lists of fuels at the pump have stopped, while on the international oil markets the prices of refined products are once again rising strongly. This was reported by Staffetta Quotidiana which recalls how yesterday the prices of refined products in the Mediterranean closed with petrol at 546 euros per thousand liters (+13), diesel at 719 euros per thousand liters (+16). The price averages of the Ministry of Economic Development’s Price Observatory see self-service petrol at 1.647 euro/litre (unchanged, companies 1.646, white pumps 1.647), diesel at 1.712 euro/litre (-2, companies 1.712, white pumps 1.714 ). Petrol served at 1.792 euro/litre (-2, companies 1.834, white pumps 1.711) diesel at 1.758 euro/litre (-2, companies 1.900, white pumps 1.776). LPG served at 0.768 euro/litre (+1, companies 0.777, white pumps 0.757), methane served at 2.435 euro/kg (-22, companies 2.423, white pumps 2.444), LNG 2.204 euro/kg (-30, companies 2.259 euro /kg, white pumps 2.164 euro/kg).