Gasoline prices up in August. That’s why it costs more on the highway

In August, fuel prices are up for 16 consecutive days. The obligation to display the average price was of little use, as denounced by the trade unions, opposed to the measure introduced by Minister Urso. On the motorway average increases of 4 cents for petrol and 7 for diesel.

Mid-August, expensive petrol, I know you well, one would say paraphrasing the old saying. Like every year, the price adjustments at the distributor accompany the Italians on their holidays. We certainly pay more than a summer ago, but in comparison it should be remembered that in August 2022 there was a 30 cent cut in excise duties.

Exposing average prices does not cool the race

The introduction of the obligation to display the average regional price (national, on the motorway network) has indeed increased transparency, allowing motorists to make more informed choices, but does not seem to have had any calming effects. Since the news wanted by the enterprise minister Urso came into effect (it was August 1st) prices have increased for two consecutive weeks. On the highways, in self-service mode, around 4 cents per liter for petrol and 7 for diesel.

You pay more on the highway because…

On the motorway, as we reach the seaside or mountain resorts, and as we return to the cities, we pay an average of about 10 cents more, a surcharge largely due to the royalties owed by the distributors to the motorway concessionaires in order to accommodate the pumps: on average, 8 cents a litre. Added to this structural cost is the increase linked to seasonality and the greater demand on roads and highways for holiday travel.

There is also an increase in prices in urban areas. With great differences between the various centres: if, for example, in Rome petrol in self-service mode is close to 2 euros per litre, in Milan it has well exceeded this threshold in many petrol stations, but if you look carefully you can find prices even 10/15% higher bass