Gasparini (Renco): “The Salinella wind farm in Calabria will be completed by early 2024

It will produce 35 gwh per year and reduce pollution by 20,000 tonnes of CO2 every 12 months

“By the beginning of 2024 the wind farm called ‘Petronà-WP1’ will be completed and operational.” This was announced by Giovanni Gasparini, president of Rencothe Pesaro company that received the contract from the Salinella Eolico Company (of which Renco is a shareholder) for the construction of a new wind farmauthorized by Calabria region in the province of Catanzaro, between the municipalities of Petronà and Belcastro. The park, once completed, will have 6 wind turbinesVestas V-126 model with a rotor diameter of 126 meters and a maximum height, including the blades, of 180 meters.

The plant, which cost 32 million euros, will produce 35 GWh/year when fully operational, resulting in a reduction in pollution of approximately 20,000 tons of CO2 per year. Renco is a company from Pesaro, founded by Rinaldo Gasparini in 1979 to carry out engineering and construction works in the oil and gas sector. Since its inception, Renco has worked abroad, carrying out projects all over the world. Over the years, the top management has understood the need to modify the company’s core business to focus on greener systems, such as hydrogen, photovoltaic, wind power, bringing the expertise and know-how acquired over the years abroad, this time in Italy

Gasparini explained that “the Salinella wind farm represents the perfect synthesis of our current strategy based on sustainability and alternative energies. Furthermore, creating a work of such great value in Italy for us who have always worked abroad is a point of pride. It is not for nothing that in the next two years we will invest over 100 million euros in our country.” “It’s a great challenge, we are aware of it, but we are certain that we will be able to face it” he added, recalling that “the ‘Petronà-WP1’ project actually started a long time ago, in 2010, when Renco presented the Calabria Region with an authorization request Unique for the construction of the plant which will officially receive the green light only 12 years later, in 2022”.

“At the beginning of 2024 – continued the president of Renco – the park will be ready and functioning. It will be a cutting-edge, efficient plant with a reduced environmental impact”. “Today – indicated the top manager – alternative energies play a crucial role for Italy in various aspects. First of all, they significantly contribute to the diversification of energy sources, reducing dependence on imported fossil fuels, increasing the country’s energy security. Furthermore , promote environmental sustainability, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, improving air quality and public health”.

“Renewable energies, such as solar and wind, create new economic opportunities, stimulating innovation and job creation in the green technology sector. Finally, investment in alternative energies contributes to positioning Italy at the center of the global energy transition, allowing the emission reduction objectives set by international agreements to be achieved. In summary – concluded Gasparini – alternative energies are a fundamental pillar for a sustainable, economically prosperous and environmentally responsible future for Italy”.