Gassmann will ‘spoil’ the highlight of ‘A Professor’, maddened fans on Twitter

An anticipation of the fourth episode of the series and users send the actor among the trends

“Simone kisses Manuel”. With three simple words, which enclose the main scene of the fiction in which he is the protagonist, ‘A professor’, which will be broadcast tonight, Alessandro Gassmann literally blows up Twitter jumping immediately among the trend topics of the social network. The highly anticipated moment in which Simone, in the series the son of Gassmann and his pupil, will finally kiss the boy he is secretly in love with, is no longer a secret after the Roman actor has posted a link with the previews of the episode, and fans complain in no uncertain terms.

Dozens of posts by aficionados of fiction, in which Claudia Pandolfi and Paolo Conticini also recite, who – surprised, amazed and embittered – express their regret, between the ironic and the disappointed: “I spent the week avoiding advances and then comes Alessandro Gassman to ruin everything, what have we done wrong to you “, one fan exclaims. “But Gassmann spoiling on Twitter? I’m black!”, Urges another. And another: “I swear to you that I have been trying to understand for ten minutes what logic drove Gassman to enter here on twitter and write that gigantic spoiler with all the nonchalance in the world”.

There are also those who ironically: “Alessandro Gassman is a prime example of the clumsy boomerone who made an immense spoiler thinking it was a good idea but no one can sneak up on him because he is precisely Alessandro Gassman”. And another, definitive one closes: “Gassman as artistic director and by now we would have known the name of the winner. Amadeus you are nobody”.