Gava, ‘transition is an opportunity, Government alongside companies for simplification’

‘Pniec by 30 June, working on simplifications’

“As a representative of the government, I am truly very honored to be here today to be able to inaugurate the fruit of this collaboration between two large companies that have wanted to invest in this part of the territory. The ecological transition is an opportunity, companies have understood this and it is up to us, as a government, to stand alongside companies in order to be able to simplify all the authorization part in a path of accompaniment towards ecological transition “. This was said by Vania Gava, Deputy Minister of the Environment and Energy Security, speaking on the sidelines of the inauguration of the largest agri-voltaic park in Italy born from the collaboration between Engie and Amazon.

For the deputy minister, the energy transition is also an opportunity for the territories. “There will also be change and new training for new skills. Old jobs that will be absorbed by green jobs are left out. In short, new skills, new jobs, let’s protect the environment, produce renewable energy and protect the economy”.

“We are working on the Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate (Pniec, ed), which will be ready by 30 June, and we are also working on further simplifications for plants of this type with a specific Via-Vas commission. The goal is to give guarantees on the times” concluded Gava.