Gaza, Hamas: “Announcement of truce with Israel imminent”

Leader Ismail Haniyeh’s announcement on Telegram. Details of the agreement will be announced by Qatari officials. Israeli source confirms

The announcement of the agreement with Israel for a truce in Gaza seems imminent. “We are close to an agreement on a truce,” said Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, confirming on Telegram the news relating to a short turning point in negotiations on the crisis in the Strip.

Previously it was Izzat el Reshiq who explained to Al Jazeera that “the expected agreement will include the release of Israeli women and children held hostage in exchange for the release of Palestinian children and women in occupation prisons”. Details of the agreement will be announced by Qatari officials “within hours”. The now close agreement would provide for a temporary truce within which aid can be delivered to the Gaza Strip. El Reshiq then accused Israel of trying to dictate the terms of the agreement while continuing to attack Gaza in order to “break the resistance”. “This won’t happen,” he added.

According to the Jerusalem Post, which cites an Israeli source, the parties are in contact with the mediator and the details of an agreement that could have positive outcomes for the hostages are being discussed.

IDF, 250 Hamas targets attacked in the last 24 hours

In the last 24 hours, Israeli fighters have attacked around 250 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli Defense Forces announced it, specifying that they had hit militiamen, missile launchers and other infrastructure. A combat helicopter attacked a rocket launch site from which the attack was launched last night in the direction of the central Israeli region of Gush Dan. The army said it had found evidence confirming the presence of weapons inside homes in the Gaza Strip, speaking among other things of “an anti-tank missile hidden under a child’s crib”. ‘Ha’aretz’ reports.

Hezbollah claims attack on Metulla

THE Lebanese Hezbollah militiamen claimed responsibility for the attack that hit a house used by the Israeli military in Metulla, in northern Israel. The attack was in retaliation for Israeli military operations against homes in southern Lebanese villages on the border with Israel. In recent days Hezbollah has intensified the number of attacks against Israeli military positions along the border, with an average of around 10 per day, according to the Al Jazeera broadcaster which reported the claim.