Gaza, hospital at Shifa Hamas base: 007 US confirms

According to the White House and intelligence sources, the terrorist organization is using some hospitals and the underlying tunnels for military purposes and to hide hostages

Hamas and Islamic Jihad are using some hospitals, including al-Shifa in Gaza City, and the tunnels underneath for their own military purposes and to hide hostages. He told reporters aboard Air Force One White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirbydenouncing the behavior of Palestinian Islamist groups as “a war crime”.

We have information confirming that Hamas is using that particular hospital in a command and control manner” and possibly to store weapons, Kirby said, explaining that the information comes “from a variety of intelligence sources.”

“We are not in favor of hitting a hospital from above”, added the spokesperson, according to whom “hospitals and patients must be protected” and the United States does not want to see “a firefight in a hospital where innocent, defenseless people, sick people are simply trying to get the medical care they deserve.”

“We firmly deny all American accusations regarding the hospitals,” one of the Hamas leaders replied to al-JazeeraBassem Naim.

US President Joe Biden has meanwhile expressed concern about the hospitals in Gaza which, also according to Israeli accusations, Hamas is using to coordinate attacks against Israel. Biden expressed concern about the enclave’s hospitals. “I hope and expect that there will be less intrusive actions towards hospitals, we are in contact with the Israelis,” the president said.

Biden added that they are trying to take “this pause to deal with prisoner releases, and that’s also being negotiated, and Qatar is busy, so I remain a little bit hopeful, but the hospitals need to be protected.”