Gaza hospital attack, Israel against BBC: “Hamas lies and you trust”

The armed forces harshly criticize the correspondent of the British broadcaster: “He takes it for granted that it was an attack by Israel”

Israel against the BBC for news relating to the attack on a hospital in Gaza. The spokesperson of the Israeli armed forces, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, lashes out live against the British broadcaster, in his opinion guilty of proposing as objective truth the version of events proposed by Hamas immediately after the explosion. Hamas accused Israel of destroying the hospital with a missile, causing hundreds of deaths.

I listened to your correspondent’s report, he says with absolute certainty that it was an Israeli missile. What are these words based on? At the beginning he said that a missile hit the hospital”, says Conricus, drowning out the anchor’s voice. “He is taking information spread by Hamas and presenting it as if it were the truth”, says the soldier.

The interview continues: “We do not intentionally target any civilian targets. We are fighting against Hamas, who use civilian infrastructure for military purposes and use civilians as human shields. They stopped the evacuation from North Gaza, created blockades on the roads and they intimidate people and say that we must stay, without going to the South. They know that this is very dangerous for civilians.” “We have seen Hamas commit the most violent and cowardly acts against Israeli civilians and against its own civilians. It is important for journalists to act with caution when reporting casualty events in Gaza. All information coming from Gaza is conveyed by Hamaswho has no problem lying, distorting the truth and distorting events,” Conricus adds.

“This is just the latest example – he says, referring to the raid on the hospital -: an event occurred, it wasn’t us, it was a rocket launched incorrectly. The first response is to blame Israel, without consider the data. Journalists must verify the data we provide, they must push us to be accountable. But we must do the same with Hamas: we must verify, without assuming that what Hamas says is the truth.” The BBC correspondent “said it was in southern Israel. He said it was a missile, he has no information to know. He should have seen the damage caused by the rockets launched against our territory. Hamas and Jihad have rockets that can being armed with many kilos of explosives can cause very serious damage.”