Gaza hospitals on their knees, surgeon: “Operations without anesthesia”

Al-Shifa hospital: “Forced to bury 179 patients in mass graves”

Hospitals on their knees in Gaza. The director of the al-Shifa hospital said that 179 people, including newborns and patients who died in the intensive care unit, were buried in a “mass grave” at the facility. “We were forced to bury them in a mass grave,” said al-Shifa hospital director Mohammad Abu Salmiyah, adding that seven children and 29 intensive care patients were among those buried, who died because fuel supplies ran out.

Surgeon: “Operations without anesthesia in Gaza”

“To preserve the remaining supply of anesthetics, which is on the verge of running out at any moment, for major and critical surgeries, patients with moderate injuries are undergoing surgery without anesthesia,” he wrote orthopedic surgeon Fadel Naim, who operates in the Gaza Strip, is his on

The Hamas base in the Rantisi children’s hospital

The Israeli Armed Forces (IDF) raided the Rantisi pediatric hospital in Gaza and, as documented by the videos released by spokesperson Daniel Hagari, in the basement of the structure they identified a Hamas base: different types of weapons were recovered and premises discovered where, in all likelihood, hostages kidnapped in the attack on 7 October were held.

“Under the hospital, in the basement, we found a Hamas command and control center, explosive vests, grenades, AK-47 assault rifles, explosives, RPGs and other weapons,” Hagari said in English, as shown video released by the IDF. “We also found signs that Hamas was holding hostages here,” signs that are being investigated, she added.

“We also found evidence that Hamas terrorists returned to this hospital after the October 7 massacre, after massacring Israelis in their homes. Hamas is hiding in the hospitals. Today we show it to the world,” he further stated. In the basement he showed a motorbike, with bullet holes, probably used in the October 7 attack. In a room, a chair with ropes and women’s clothes on the floor. In the basement, also showers and a bathroom. Not far away, diapers and a bottle. In another room, sofas and armchairs. No windows, but curtains on the walls: “A room used to record videos”, said Hagari, also showing a sheet that would contain the terrorists’ guard shifts.

Furthermore, the Israeli army spokesperson stated that the IDF was committed to the safe evacuation of the hospital. “Israel helped the hospital managers evacuate the Gaza patients to a safer hospital,” he said, adding that the army was informed that “the last 18 patients from the Rantisi hospital were safely evacuated to a safer hospital”. “This is because our war is against Hamas, not against the people in Gaza. Especially not against the sick, women or children.”

The assurances about the evacuation of the hospital came after Hagari reported that elite units of the armed forces entered the Rantisi hospital and found a Hamas command center in the cellars. According to Hagari, Hamas terrorists may have left the hospital during the evacuation of patients.

Biden: “Less intrusive actions are needed in the Gaza hospital”

US President Joe Biden has urged Israel to protect the Shifa hospital in Gaza. “It is my hope that there will be less intrusive actions in the hospital,” “the hospital must be protected,” Biden told reporters in the Oval Office, according to media reports.