Gaza, Israel denies water and food crisis. Hospitals refuse evacuation

According to the armed forces, around 700,000 people – out of 1.1 million – have moved from the north of the Strip to the south

Israel does not believe there is a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip and fears that Hamas men will infiltrate the hospitals, which refuse to be evacuated. This is the opinion expressed by a top figure in the Israeli armed forces, as reported by the Times of Israel. According to the IDF, around 700,000 people – out of 1.1 million – have moved from the north of the Strip to the south, as ordered by Israel.

“Aid to Gaza but there is no crisis: water and food are there”

The population is preparing to receive the aid transported today by the trucks that passed the Rafah crossing from Egypt. “At the moment, I can tell you that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. There is no shortage of water, there is enough food for the next few weeks. Other than that, there is no shortage of medicines in the hospitals,” the source says. Admiral Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the armed forces, specified that tAmong the aid arriving there is no fuel: “It will not enter Gaza.”

The anonymous source, meanwhile, turns the spotlight on the situation of hospitals in particular. The topic is current after the explosion that occurred at al-Ahli hospital. Israel, blamed for the deaths of hundreds of people, provided documents and videos to prove that the facility was hit by a rocket fired by Islamic Jihad.

Hospitals say no to evacuation

“In the northern Gaza Strip there are 20 hospitals. At the moment, 6 have been evacuated. Ten have not been evacuated and 4 refuse” to proceed. In some cases it is practically impossible to move wounded and seriously ill patients, but Israel “maintains direct contact with almost all hospital directors: we urge them to evacuate”, he says before adding that the facilities could be used by Hamas as a logistical base: “They know it’s a site we would avoid hitting.” The risks are also linked to the rockets that are launched from the Gaza Strip, as highlighted by the figures mentioned separately by Hagari: “More than 550 rockets from Hamas and Islamic Jihad have fallen in Gaza, killing innocent civilians. They are killing their people “.