Gaza, Israel “killed between 20 and 30% of Hamas militiamen”

The Wall Street Journal writes this, citing estimates from US intelligence agencies

The Israeli forces killed between 20% and 30% of Hamas fighters. The Wall Street Journal writes this, citing estimates from US intelligence agencies in an article, soon relaunched by the Jerusalem Post, which recalls Israel’s objective of destroying the group which demonstrates “its resilience” after months of operations in the Gaza Strip following the October 7 attack in Israel.

According to US assessments reported by the WSJ, Hamas still has enough ammunition to continue hitting Israel and the Israeli military in Gaza for months and the group is attempting to reconstitute its forces in areas of Gaza City.

The Jerusalem Post recalls that last week Israeli forces reported the killing of nine thousand Hamas fighters out of approximately 30,000 forces estimated before the conflict.

Hamas leader met with Türkiye’s Foreign Minister

Meanwhile, in the last few hours there has been a meeting between the Turkish Foreign Minister, Hakan Fidan, and the leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, on developments in the Gaza Strip, the possibility of a ceasefire, the increase in humanitarian aid to population of the Palestinian enclave, the release of hostages held captive since the October 7 attack in Israel and the two-state solution. The news comes from the Turkish Anadolu agency which cites diplomatic sources according to which Fidan, Ankara’s former intelligence chief, “received” Haniyeh yesterday. The agency does not specify the location of the meeting.

Gaza, “over 25 thousand dead since October 7”

The death toll in the Gaza Strip since 7 October last year has been over 25,000. According to the new bulletin released by the Ministry of Health of Gaza, which came under the control of Hamas in 2007, there have been 25,105 deaths and 62,681 injuries in the Palestinian enclave. It is the al-Jazeera satellite TV that reports the updated budget from Gaza.

IDF: “Another Israeli soldier dead”

The Israeli Forces (IDF) have confirmed the death of another soldier, a reservist, in the southern Gaza Strip. According to the Israeli media, he is a 23-year-old sergeant who died during fighting over the weekend. Since last October, since the start of the ground offensive in Gaza after the October 7 attack in Israel, 195 Israeli soldiers have died in the Palestinian enclave, according to the updated IDF bulletin.