Gaza, Israel strikes Hamas tunnels. A dead hostage found

It is the body of a 65-year-old seized on October 7 in the attack against Israel. Netanyahu: “We suspected that the abductees were in Al-Shifa hospital”

Two Hamas tunnels hit in the Gaza Strip. The news was reported by the Israeli Defense Forces who announced that they had hit some underground infrastructure, where a number of senior Hamas commanders were hiding, including Ahmed Ghandour and Ayman Siam, the head of the rocket launch system. At another site, Hamas spokesman Daniel Hagari explained, senior members including Rawhi Mushtaha, Essam al-Dalis and Sameh al-Siraj were hiding. “Hamas is trying to hide the results of the attack,” Hagari added. The IDF spokesperson explained that he could not delve further into the attack, but what “can be said with certainty is that the tunnels were heavily damaged”.

The Israel Defense Forces also released video of a Hamas tunnel in the Shifa hospital compound. Not far away they would have spotted a Hamas pick-up with weapons inside, similar to those used by the group in the October 7 attacks. The Israeli army also released an image showing weapons discovered inside the Al-Quds hospital in Gaza City, while another series of images, published by the IDF, show the inside of a tunnel in the hospital Rantisi.

The discovery of the body of a female hostage

The body of Yehudith Weiss, taken hostage by Hamas on October 7, was found yesterday by the Israeli military in a building near the Shifa hospital in Gaza. “We had strong indications” that the hostages “were being held in the Al-Shifa hospital” in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in this regard. “This is why we entered” the hospital complex. The Israeli government has “information on the abductees,” he adds, but “the less I say about it, the better.”

The woman’s remains were found by soldiers of the 7th Brigade of the 603rd Battalion together with Hamas military equipment including assault rifles and rocket launchers as reported by the Times of Israel. The Jerusalem Defense Forces did not provide information on the cause of Weiss’ death or when it occurred. Weiss had been kidnapped on Kibbutz Béeri. Her husband Shmulik Weiss was found murdered in her home.

Who was Yehudith Weiss

Before her capture, 65-year-old Yehudith Weiss was undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer. The woman was retired, but she also took care of the kibbutz’s nursery school and canteen. She was the mother of five children. The army believes the kidnappers fled before the soldiers arrived. Yehudith’s husband, Shmulik, was reported missing for a few days after the Oct. 7 attack, until his body was identified.

Yehudit Weiss’ family called on authorities to bring the other hostages home. “It’s important for us to say that we fought, we fought in every way possible to bring mother and grandmother Yehudit home,” says her daughter, according to ‘The Times of Israel’. “For us it is too late, but it is important for us to support all the families of the hostages, and tell the world, to bring them home now, so that it is not too late for them, as it was for us.” Her son Ohad says they had “hope, a lot of hope, that she would come home. We wanted it, we hoped it and, unfortunately for us, it’s too late.”

The poll on Netanyahu

If Israel were to vote today, the current Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu would suffer a heavy defeat. Benny Gantz’s National Unity party would be the big winner and would obtain 36 seats (compared to the 12 obtained a year ago), more than double the 17 that Netanyahu’s Likud would obtain. This is what emerges from a ‘Channel 12’ survey carried out by the Sample Institute, the first to be carried out since the Hamas attack on Israel last October 7th.

UN: “No safe zone in Gaza”

“No safe zone in Gaza”. This was said by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk, commenting on the launch of leaflets by the Israeli army Khan Younis with which the IDF ordered the Palestinians to move to the western part of the city. Turk added that the Israeli army is obliged to ensure that those who have been evacuated receive effective warning and can find safety, shelter and food. Furthermore, since yesterday all telecommunications services in the Gaza Strip , from cell phones to the internet, are interrupted due to lack of energy.

USA: “Against air strikes on hospitals”

“We are against air strikes on hospitals.” This was stated by US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller in reference to the attack suffered by the Jordanian hospital in Gaza. “As we have always said – Miller underlines – we do not want hospitals to suffer air attacks and we reiterate to all parties involved the need to take precautions to reduce the risks suffered by civilians”. France had also previously “strongly” condemned the attack on the Jordanian military hospital in Gaza and through the French Foreign Ministry had expressed its “solidarity” with Jordan. France had reiterated the need to “protect hospital infrastructure”.