Gaza, Italian girl among the foreigners who left the Strip today

The little girl, 6 years old, crossed the Rafah crossing with her Palestinian mother. Tajani: “Particularly happy with the positive outcome of the matter.” An Italian aid worker was also outside Gaza yesterday: “Worried about my team”

After the first group of Italians who left the Gaza Strip yesterday, This morning a six-year-old Italian girl and her Palestinian mother crossed the Rafah crossing with another group of foreigners. They are now in Egypt, assisted by the staff of the Italian Embassy in Cairo for their subsequent return to Italy. The Farnesina reports this in a note.

“I am particularly happy for the positive outcome of the case of this little girl, who will be six years old tomorrow, and her mother”, commented the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Antonio Tajani. “I want to thank all the staff involved in the operation, from the officials of the diplomatic offices in Cairo, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to our intelligence service which, with the constant coordination of the Farnesina Crisis Unit, achieved this important result”, he said. added.

An Italian aid worker also left yesterday: “Difficult situation, worried about my team”

“It’s a relief because the situation in Gaza has been really difficult, but I’m very worried about the rest of the team and the population. After working there for months and experiencing this terrible crisis firsthand, my colleagues and I have a clear vision of the humanitarian response that must be activated urgently”. This was stated by Maya Papotti, an Italian aid worker from the NGO Action Against Hunger, who left the Gaza Strip yesterday together with three other of our compatriots.

The NGO explains in a note that Papotti is well and is currently waiting to return to Italy where her family is waiting for her. “Since the outbreak of the conflict, we have been in constant contact with Maya and her family, collaborating with the competent authorities, whom we warmly thank for their efforts to bring her home”, explained Action Against Hunger, specifying that they cannot “forget those who are still in Gaza, trying to survive amid bombs, food shortages, and limited water and electricity. Conditions are extremely harsh and we remain deeply concerned for their safety.”

“Action Against Hunger staff are working around the clock to provide small-scale, localized humanitarian assistance in Gaza when it is safe to do so, and are supporting inter-agency efforts to scale up the humanitarian response when possible,” he stressed. the NGO, calling for “an end to all violence against civilians” and renewing the appeal “for an immediate ceasefire and an increase in humanitarian assistance to Gaza”.