Gaza, Riyadh summit against Israel: “It is not self-defense, stop the siege”

In the final statement, the leaders of Arab and Muslim countries condemn Israeli aggression and ask the international community to stop arms exports

“The end of the siege” in Gaza and the introduction of humanitarian aid into the Strip through the Rafah crossing. This is what the member countries of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Arab League asked for in the final declaration of the joint summit held in Riyadh, where Arab and Muslim leaders rejected Israeli “justifications” of “self-defense” in Gaza and called for the immediate suspension of military operations against Hamas after more than a month of war.

”We refuse to describe the retaliatory war against Gaza as self-defense or to justify it on any pretext, and We call on all countries to stop exporting arms and ammunition to the occupation authorities”, we read in the statement which expresses a ”firm condemnation of the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip, of the war crimes and barbaric massacres” in progress.

The document, approved unanimously, denounces “Israeli aggression against Gaza” and asks the UN Security Council to adopt “a decisive and binding resolution” to stop Israel’s “aggression” in Gaza.

The final declaration also rejects any proposal that would keep the Gaza Strip separate from the West Bank in a possible future Palestinian state and condemns ”the displacement of one and a half million Palestinians from the north of the Gaza Strip”.

‘”We will not allow the forced displacement of residents of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, it is totally unacceptable,” said Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit. ”The separation of the Gaza Strip from the West Bank and East Jerusalem is not under discussion,” he added.