Gaza Strip, Erdogan calls the Pope: “A massacre is underway”

The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, telephoned Pope Francis to denounce the massacre of civilians underway in Gaza (WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST: THE LIVEBLOG). “Israeli attacks on Gaza have reached the level of massacre,” he said, according to what was announced by the Ankara presidency. During the meeting, Erdogan also criticized the lack of indignation on the part of the international community regarding the attacks on the Strip.

Erdogan’s attack on Israel

The phone call to the Pope comes after Erdogan yesterday carried out the heaviest verbal attack against Israel since the beginning of the conflict with Hamas, also announcing the cancellation of his trip to Israel. “Half of the Palestinian victims are children, to which must be added women and the elderly. A massacre that is reaching the dimensions of a genocide,” Erdogan said. “We have no problem with the State of Israel,” he added, “we have a problem with the atrocities it commits.” “Hamas is not a terrorist organization, but a group of fighters who act for the defense and liberation of their people and their land” the Turkish president also declared.