Gb, Archie Battersbee is dead: life support disconnected

The 12-year-old in a coma since last April. Mother Hollie Dance: “Such a beautiful child, and he fought to the end”

Archie Battersbee, the 12-year-old in a coma since he was found unconscious at home last April, has died, perhaps the victim of an accident caused by a challenge on social media. The Royal Hospital doctors in London pulled the plug this morning at 10 local time, amid the desperation of the parents who fought to the last to keep him alive.

The child’s death occurred at 12.15pm, two hours after life support was turned off. “I would just like to say that I am the proudest mom in the world. He was such a beautiful baby. He fought to the end and I am so proud to be his mom,” the woman said tearfully speaking outside the hospital.

Archie was found unconscious at his home in Southend, Essex on 7 April and had since been hospitalized. According to doctors at the Royal London Hospital, the baby was brain dead and continued life support treatment was just a way to prolong his agony. The parents, on the other hand, fought unsuccessfully for the British courts to prevent the boy’s fan from being turned off and the power to be cut off.