Gb, disaster alert test Sunday: the alarm on mobile phones

Expected in the event of weather disasters, floods and fires

Tomorrow, an emergency alarm will sound on most British citizens’ smartphones. This is a test sponsored by the government, which intends to prepare citizens to receive alerts on their mobile phones about impending disasters, such as weather disasters, floods and fires. In fact, London believes that the test is an essential tool for improving people’s response to emergencies.

The warning message about the start of the test, which will start at 15 local time, 16 Italian time, it will be received by all mobile phones with 4G and 5G. The emergency alarm will then sound, accompanied by vibrations and sounds, the volume of which cannot be turned down, for up to 10 seconds.

Citizens who do not want to hear their cell phone ring have no choice: the alarm will sound in any case, even if the device is set to silent mode.