GB, flights delayed due to failure of control systems: repercussions also in Italy

It will be a tiring Tuesday for air traffic in the UK after the problems affecting the flight control systems, the nerve center of air traffic. Airlines and airports have warned there will still be “significant delays” despite the problem being resolved within hours and the chain disruption could last days.

London airports in crisis

Heathrow has said departure times will not be respected and has advised departing passengers to contact their airline before going to the airport. Gatwick has also advised passengers to check the status of their flight before heading to the airport. Luton is still experiencing delays and cancellations.

The data

Cirium, an aviation data company, calculated that 3,049 flights were due to depart from UK airports on Monday and a further 3,054 flights were due to arrive. As of 2.30pm local time, 232 outbound flights, 8% of all departures and 271, or 9%, of inbound flights had been cancelled.

Passenger rights

Transport Secretary Mark Harper has advised passengers to read the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s guidelines to be aware of their rights when flights are delayed or cancelled. An airline has a duty of care to provide food, drink and accommodation if delays extend overnight. If a flight is cancelled, passengers should be given the choice between a refund or alternative travel arrangements as soon as possible.