Gb, for Elizabeth Harry blinded by love for Meghan

New book on royalty, Kate found it unbearable to show herself together with the Sussexes

The late Queen Elizabeth II considered the Dukes of Sussex’s behavior “insane” and believed that love for Meghan had “consumed” her nephew Harry so much as to “blind his judgement”. That’s what she claims a new book about royalty, “Our King,” which is being serialized in the Daily Mail. The work offers new revelations about the high tensions in the Windsor house, while it is not yet clear whether Harry and Meghan, now settled in California, will be present at the coronation of King Charles II on May 6.

The author of the book, journalist Robert Jobson, also claims that Kate Middleton found it “almost unbearable” having to show up with her husband William, Harry and Meghan, to greet the crowds who came to offer condolences on the death of the queen. The wife of the current heir to the throne would have told a member of the royal family that the public display of unity, immortalized by photographers, was “one of the hardest things I’ve ever done”, so great was the animosity between the two couples.

In other revelations we learn that in 2020 the Queen had the library room of Sandringham Castle checked for possible “bugs” ahead of the crucial January 2020 summit where the Sovereign, heir Charles and her sons William and Harry discussed details of the Sussexes’ renunciation of their royal duties and their departure from Britain. The Queen also ruled that an online connection with Meghan “wasn’t necessary” given that Harry represented her position. A decision, we read, linked to the fear that the connection could be recorded or intercepted.

After the bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021, Jobson writes again, the future King Charles III and William agreed never to be alone with Harry again. Carlo had already then ceased to answer Harry’s calls from California after his son had insulted him and repeatedly asked him for funds, the book claims.