Gb, Liz Truss with 14% of the votes: Johnson underwent worst result

The new prime minister plunges into the polls, three out of four Britons do not like her

The new British Prime Minister Liz Truss rushes into the consensus. Only 14% of Britons say they have a favorable opinion of it, down sharply compared to the already not exciting 26% recorded between 21 and 22 September, today highlights a Yougov survey. Truss has now outgrown the worst results of his conservative predecessor Boris Johnson and former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The 73% of Brits have an unfavorable opinion of Truss, including 55% of very unfavorable. His level of approval is negative and reaches -59, beyond the worst results of Johnson in July (-53) and Corbyn in June 2019 (-55).

The survey is based on a sample of 1,751 adults interviewed between October 1 and October 2, or on the eve of the sensational rethinking of October 3 when Truss renounced the unpopular abolition of the 45% tax rate for the highest incomes.