Gb, Sabadin: “A birthday without grandeur for Charles III”

The writer and scholar: “‘I met the current sovereign, a cultured, sensitive man, a lover of Italian culture, Lady Diana said only slander about him. He remained faithful to the one, true, great love of his life, the queen consort “

“It will be a sober anniversary, without pomp, without grandeur. Times have changed. Nothing will be the same and Charles III is deeply aware of it. The funeral of Queen Elizabeth was, after all, the last great ceremony of the British Empire” . Vittorio Sabadin, journalist, writer, scholar of British history and traditions, talks with the Adnkronos about the future of the English monarchy, recalling an important birthday, that of Charles III on November 14, when the current sovereign will turn 74 years old.

“Great Britain is experiencing a recession unknown since the Second World War – adds the historian and journalist – There was Brexit, changes of ministers at the helm of the Government, a delicate situation in England on an economic and political level. Charles III he knows very well that nothing will be the same as before. He will have to reduce expenses, and he has already begun to do so, give up some palaces and the royals, who do not have a role within the royal family, will no longer receive any prerogative, they will have to find a job “.

After having published for Utet ‘Charles, the forgotten prince’, ‘Elizabeth, the last queen’, ‘Diana, life and destiny’, ‘The war of the Windsor’ is out on November 29th ‘Charles III’. “I met the sovereign at a reception at Buckingham Palace – continues in the interview with Adnkronos – A sensitive person, extremely cultured, a lover of Italian culture and the Renaissance, enthusiastic about cities like Venice and Florence, so different from how it was represented in all these years also due to the gossip that Diana said about him – he continues – That for example of not having been a good father, who would never have been able to reign and then the betrayals, misunderstandings … Knowing him, we discover that he is a different man, at the antipodes of the story that has been handed down to us “.

“Basically – adds Sabadin – on the marriage affair between Charles and Diana we only know the version of the Princess of Wales, Charles never rectified, never intervened, never said a single bad word towards his ex-wife” . Carlo Sabadin also says about him about the queen consort, Camilla Shand, former Mrs. Parker Bowles, who the then Prince Charles and heir to the throne defined as the ‘non-negotiable’ aspect of his existence. “Charles III was a man faithful to the only true, great love of his life, the current queen consort. A long wait almost 30 years before imposing it on his mother and finally marrying her”, comments Vittorio Sabadin who confesses that he does not be excited about the new season of The Crown, the TV series that has bewitched the world.

“In Great Britain there have been harsh criticisms of the television series even from left-wing newspapers such as The Guardian. But there have also been sensational denials from two prime ministers like John Major and Tony Blair. Insinuations, falsehoods, in my opinion. notice has been passed the sign “. But the future of the monarchy is also the Dukes of Cambridge (William & Kate) with their three heirs, George, Charlotte and Louis. “They will continue the journey undertaken by Charles III in making the English monarchy leaner – continues the writer and journalist – Important, fundamental, the Dukes of Cambridge, represent the new generation of royals, perhaps they will be better able to intercept all those subjects who do not feel, for reasons of age, represented by a 74-year-old king and a queen older than him “.

“And let’s not forget that William, with his then girlfriend Kate, lived in an absolutely bourgeois environment. In the evening to go to dinner at the Middleton house – he jokes – you didn’t have to change your clothes. Perhaps William and Kate will transform the British monarchy. , it will be very similar to the monarchies of northern Europe. They will go shopping by bicycle and we will stop taking an interest in them. “

The final word on Harry and Meghan, the Dukes of Sussex. Will they return to London? “Sooner or later the former actress and Duchess of Sussex will have to find a job and will discover that, after all, the role of Duchess is not so bad – comments Sabadin ironically – Meghan Markle had arrived in Europe with the idea of ​​returning in America with a trophy and what better trophy than a prince of the British royal house? – Sabadin wonders – Meghan is an ambitious woman, she has an exaggerated self-esteem, she has begun to attack the English monarchy and the queen to talk about himself, but now his rifle is unloaded, there are no more cartridges to shoot, he no longer has arrows in his bow to criticize and denigrate, especially after the homage that over 4 million people have paid on TV, from all over the world , to Queen Elizabeth during her funeral “.