Gb, three days of celebrations for Carlo’s coronation: all the details

It will take place from Saturday 6 to Monday 8 May

New details arrive from Buckingham Palace on the coronation of King Charles III of England which will take place from Saturday 6 to Monday 8 May 2023. In a statement, the royal house explains that the celebration will include a concert open to the public at Windsor Castle. The official ceremony on Saturday 6 will take place in Westminster Abbey, will be preceded by the ‘Procession of the King’ – which will lead Charles from the royal palace to the sacred place – will be presided over by the archbishop of Canterbury and the service – it is explained – will reflect “the current role of the monarch and will look to the future, keeping roots in the traditions and glories of the past”.

It is already known that Carlo – who should opt for the admiral’s uniform – has already provided indications for a more sober, faster and less ‘crowded’ ceremony than those of the past. The new sovereign, accompanied this time by the whole family, will then return to Buckingham Palace completing the ‘Coronation Procession’, between two wings of the crowd, to then look out from the royal palace and greet his subjects.

There will be a concert at Windsor Castle on Sunday 7 May and the ‘Great Coronation Luncheon’. The last day, Monday 8, will be dedicated to the actions of the volunteering programme. On 7 May the BBC will organize and broadcast live at Windsor Castle a special coronation concert, which will allow public access thanks to the distribution of thousands of tickets.

As Buckingham Palace’s royal press release explains, the selection of who will be able to attend the concert will be carried out through a national vote organized by the BBC. Volunteers from charities linked to the new ruler will also participate in the concert and there will be “a world-class orchestra that will interpret the favorite musical themes of some of the most important artists” globally. Furthermore, the event will be punctuated by performances by dancers, staging and special effects in the garden located in the eastern area of ​​the castle.

Alongside the stars of the concert, the show – it is explained – “will also see the participation of The Coronation Choir” a ‘heterogeneous’ group that will bring together members of local choirs and amateur singers from all over the United Kingdom, as well as participants from refugees, the NHS, LGBTQ+ singing groups and deaf choirs. all accompanied by a ‘virtual’ choir, composed of singers from all over the Commonwealth. In the same minute iconic locations across the UK will be lit up using projections, lasers, drone displays and lighting.

On the same day, the so-called ‘Great Coronation Lunch’ will take place, a ‘collective’ lunch in which all the neighbors and all the communities of the town will be invited “to share food and have fun”. Finally, “The Big Help Out” day will be celebrated on May 8, a day of encouraging citizens to participate in volunteer programs in place in their counties.

“Her Majesty the King and Queen Consort hope Coronation Weekend will provide an opportunity” for citizens “to spend time and celebrate with friends, families and communities” across the UK and the Commonwealth, concludes the statement. Royal Palace.