Gemma Galgani, sensational indiscretion: new retouch for the UeD lady?

There comes a sensational indiscretion on Gemma Galgani: has the UeD lady made a new aesthetic retouch? What could have happened.

Not only is the GF Vip missing very little – even if it seems that some very bad news about his departure date has spread – but also the return of men and women is not joking. If on the one hand, however, the first names on the probable tronists begin to appear, on the other there are those who wonder who will return to the parterre of the program.

Gemma UeD. Credits: Youtube

Just recently, we told you about the incredible indiscretion concerning a beloved face of the show, remember? This time, however, we want to bring back what is said in this last period of Gemma Galgani, which is leaving everyone speechless. There has been talk many times of a farewell of the Turin lady at the Maria De Filippi dating show, but only now it would seem that the alarm has returned. Having ascertained this, we absolutely cannot fail to tell you the shocking indiscretion that has sprung up in these last hours on the famous and beloved lady of UeD. What are we talking about? The answer is very simple: it would seem that Galgani has again undergone a retouching aesthetic. A little over a year after her intervention on Side A, it would seem that the beautiful Gemma has chosen to improve another ‘side’ of her body. Which? Let’s find out together!

Gemma Galgani, new aesthetic retouch for the UeD lady? What emerged

All lovers of Gemma Galgani and men and women know very well that the beloved lady of Maria De Filippi’s dating show has allowed herself several aesthetic touches. The first dates back to a few years ago when – on the occasion of the program conducted by Simona Ventura – the beautiful Turin chose to ask the team of experts for a little help with her teeth. Having done this and having reached one of her greatest desires, Galgani wanted to undergo a face lift and – a few months later – an operation to augment her Side A. In short, as you can clearly understand, Gemma does not she is by no means opposed to cosmetic surgery like the very famous actress. According to what is learned from the web, however, it would seem that the lady has given herself to a new one retouching.

At the moment, this rumor has not been confirmed or denied at all by the direct interested party, but according to the well-informed it would seem that Gemma has allowed herself a small touch up to the nose.

Will he really participate in a reality show?

On his alleged farewell to men and women, everything has really been said. According to a last indiscretion, however, it would seem that the lady could greet the parterre of the program to take part in a famous reality show. Will she really be like this? At the moment, there is no word on the matter. If, however, it were really so, it would be a very big opportunity for the beautiful lady.

gem retouching
Instagram gem. Credits: Instagram

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