Gemma Galgani, the news that leaves everyone stunned: the fans are speechless

A news about Gemma Galgani has just arrived that leaves you speechless: the fans of the splendid lady are speechless, what it is.

She is, without any doubt, the undisputed protagonist of Men and Women: Gemma Galgani! Having joined the program about 10 years ago, the Turin lady easily managed to conquer the study center.

Gemma Galgani, the news leaves everyone stunned: it could happen in earnest. Credits: Youtube

It has been said that this one that aired until a few weeks ago would have been the last edition of Gemma Galgani to Men and Women and that its place would even have been taken by another lady, but apparently it would not seem to be just like that. A sensational indiscretion, in fact, would like her again in the parterre of the dating show of Men and women starting from next September. Be very careful, though: according to Nuovo Tv, something crazy is coming! A news really crazy, the one leaked from the weekly and that left everyone stunned. Let’s find out something more much more closely.

Gemma Galgani, the news leaves everyone speechless: what could happen

After the incredible news we recently told you about which sees Gemma Galgani as its undisputed protagonist, another really sensational one arrives! To launch the ‘scoop’, as they say, was the weekly Nuovo TV. According to what is learned from the newspaper, it would seem that the beloved lady of Men and women has been taken into consideration for a famous reality show on Canale 5. At the moment, there is still no confirmation from those directly involved, but it would seem that the show’s host is strongly intent on wanting the beautiful Galgani in the cast. Mind you: the surprises don’t stop there at all!

According to Nuovo Tv, Alfonso Signorini would strongly like Gemma Galgani in the cast of the next edition of GF Vip. Will she really be like this? We’ll see! As we said, however, the twists are not over. On the pages of the newspaper, we read that – next to her – the presenter of the reality show would also like a great love of the lady of men and women: Giorgio Manetti. Really incredible, isn’t it? Obviously, at the moment, these are rumors and nothing confirmed! But what do you think of it?

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Credits: Youtube

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