Gen. Goretti: “100 years of Aeronautics flagship for Italy”

“One hundred years of the Air Force. One hundred years of a glorious armed force and flagship for Italy. It is an important birthday, which we have decided to celebrate with stamps that allow us even more to be among the people, with the people and for the people and to thank all the Italians, those who have joined our army in recent years and above all those who have supported the Air Force in these 100 years”. The Chief of Staff of the Air Force General of the Air Force, Luca Goretti, said this to Adnkronos on the occasion of the presentation at Mimit of the philatelic issues for the 100th anniversary of the Air Force.

“We have always trained to support and support the decisions of the Government and Parliament – continues the General – We do it both in humanitarian and real operations: right now we are in Romania to support and demonstrate the defense of NATO territories, the integrity of the Alliance. We were the first in Afghanistan and the last out, as well as in Turkey during the recent earthquake and during the pandemic”.

“The Air Force has shown that it knows how to be there when the country calls – recalls the Chief of Staff Goretti – If we want to be relevant, representative, at the forefront in the international field we must have highly qualified people because technology today is the master and having experienced, technologically advanced personnel is a must that a state-of-the-art armed force must necessarily require”.

(by Silvia Mancinelli)