Gender of incoming twins revealed: crazy news, congratulations!

Finally the news has arrived, revealed the sex of the twins on the way: crazy news, many congratulations to future parents!

The famous couple had recently announced the arrival of two new arrivals, the twins. Now amid the siblings’ general happiness, sex is revealed.

Gender of the twins revealed, congratulations! (Source Instagram)

The couple happier than ever, announced on their respective profiles Instagram the sex of the twins who will soon enlarge the family even more. Currently the couple lives in England, together with their children, in fact the two are already parents of 4 children. The sex announcement was really sweet and unexpected. The siblings blew balloons in front of the Christmas tree. These balloons contained colored confetti, symbolizing the gender of the future arrivals. They were really happy as they were being filmed by their mom, and slowly they realized what was happening.

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Crazy news: the sex of the twins revealed

The couple in question is one formed by one of the greatest footballers of the modern era. Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner, the beautiful model Georgina Rodriguez. The couple had a daughter together, called Alana Martina while the remaining 3 Christian Jr, Mateo And Eva, were born to other mothers. The couple is really very in tune, and the pregnancy of two twins also comes to celebrate their relationship. The incredible thing is that the couple expects both a boy and a girl, which is very rare.

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sex of twins revealed
Source Instagram

The exciting video posted by both Georgina and Ronaldo shows their children intent on discovering what color is hidden inside those balloons. Once erupted, lots of confetti, both pink and light blue, float in the air. At that point the siblings explode with joy and are almost incredulous at the wonderful news. The description that accompanies this tender video is “where life begins and love never ends”. The couple have been together since 2016 and now they can once again celebrate the future arrival of their children. We can’t wait to find out the names they will give to the two newcomers to Ronaldo.

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Many congratulations to the couple of future parents, we can’t wait to see what the twins will be like.