Geneva Lamborghini crush on a woman at GF Vip? Her words inflame the web

Did Ginevra Lamborghini have a crush on a woman during her journey in the Big Brother Vip house? Her words inflamed the people of the web.

Geneva Lamborghini at Big Brother Vip – Credit Instagram – Sologossip

Geneva Lamborghini was one of the bomb contestants of the seventh edition of GF Vip, but his journey in the most spied on house in Italy ended very expected of the visa due to the terrible sentences pronounced against Marco Bellavia. Despite the disqualification, however, she undoubtedly remained a key element of the channel 5 reality show and although other competitors have entered instead of her, we continue to talk about her more often.

Not long ago the Elettra Lamborghini’s sister decided to amaze her faithful supporters by responding to their curiosities about her participation and between one confession and another, network users understood that from her words one of her former travel companions didn’t mind her at all and her words have social media ignited curious to know more about their relationship.

Ginevra Lamborghini had a crush on a woman during the course of your experience in the house of the GF Vip? His words ignited Internet users like never before.

GF Vip, Ginevra Lamborghini is unbalanced: did he have a crush on a woman?

Geneva Lamborghiniduring the course of the live broadcast on Instagram, she let herself go to many confessions regarding her experience in the house of the Big Brother VIP and when her loyal supporters pointed out that one of her former travel companions was waiting for her, she dissolved into a tender confession that made them all dream.

Geneva Lamborghini
Geneva Lamborghini Gf Vip (Photo: Instagram) Sologossip

Nikita he’s waiting for me?” asked Alfonso Signorini’s former competitor during his live broadcast with the fans. “Love, little one!” she immediately exclaimed spontaneously and without filters as only she can be.Here… no, I’m silent she then censored herself making it clear that she didn’t mind her presence at all and there are already those who dream of a possible couple but for this it’s still very early.

In fact, that the fans are dreaming a little too big? Well, only time will actually tell us that and we are willing to wait as long as necessary to know if, in the end, it will be true love or not.

After all, hope is always the last to die.