Genoa, Paolo Zangrillo: “My brother will drive Grifone well, he will treasure Berlusconi’s advice ‘

‘There is no hand in Berlusconi behind new American ownership, Cav does not disavow his Milan’

“The Grifone is a family tradition. From an early age, my brother Alberto and my father Augusto used to go to the Marassi stadium to follow our favorite team. Even when my father had to move to Lombardy for work we continued to go to Luigi Ferraris … ” Paolo Zangrillo, deputy of Forza Italia, talks about the family passion for the rossoblù colors, which culminated today with the appointment of his brother Alberto to the presidency of the new Genoa football branded USA.

The blue parliamentarian, current regional coordinator of the party in Piedmont, is convinced that his brother, Silvio Berlusconi’s trusted doctor, “will do very well” also in football, because he is the “first fan of Genoa. For professional reasons he met Preziosi , became his friend and so the bond with the Griffin in the last 15 years has grown stronger and stronger. In the end he took over from Preziosi, but I believe that the new American owners ” of the 777 Partners holding ” were looking for a figure like Alberto: an esteemed professional, with an international profile, and at the same time a figure who truly represented the Rossoblu spirit. And Alberto combines these characteristics well, I am sure “.

Has Zangrillo been ‘competing’ with Berlusconi on football? ” Absolutely not ”, replies with a smile the blue deputy, who assures: ” Berlusconi, as well as a patient, is also a great friend of my brother. Between them there is sincere affection. Alberto can only learn from Berlusconi and take some ideas from him on how to be a good president of a Serie A football team, but our president Berlusconi remains unattainable. “Too many clues lead to the Cav to the point that someone even goes so far as to hypothesize that behind the American closing of the oldest club in Italian football there is the hand of the former prime minister. ” Absolutely not ”, Paolo Zangrillo gets serious, denying all rumors. ” Berlusconi – emphasizes the blue exponent – was the President of one of the most prestigious teams in the world, I really don’t think he disavowed his love for Milan. And let’s not forget that Monza has also been in his heart for some time … ”.