Geolier and his music: “Naples is everything. It inspires me every day”

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It’s nice to know that there are artists linked to their city and the values ​​it is able to convey. But above all that this city is the inspiration of everything. Let’s talk about Naples and Geolier, one of its most representative, young and valued voices. I want to underline this word, values, precisely because I believe that in the contemporary world we live in there is an ever greater need for them, even if at times we realize that these very values ​​are often slowly being lost. “In Naples there are those who have values, but also those who don’t have them and learn them through songs, even mine”, he tells me shortly before going on stage for one of the four sold out dates at the Palapartenope, right in his native Naples . Geolier is happy, but he is also a very determined person who is already looking to the future. They are dreams, of course. But above all goals to achieve. Another feature that makes Emanuele – Geolier’s story and career even more special.

Four dates in Naples, sold out

Emanuele, four dates in your city, sold out. But not only here. All of Italy listens to you and above all appreciates you as an artist. How are you feeling?

Four buildings: they fill the mouth just to say it! Four buildings. In reality I only wanted to do one, that was enough for me. And I am not satisfied easily. But when I saw the first date fill up with nothing, the second as well, the third and the fourth I said: ah, how nice. They also wanted to do a fifth date, but I said no, because next year we’ll do something bigger, maybe. (If everything goes well). But it’s beautiful: when you go on stage at the Palapartenope, you see the audience, the people singing your pieces: it’s beautiful.

It’s not the first time I sing in front of my city: I’ve always dreamed of doing the Palapartenope, then there’s only Maradona. It is much easier to talk to a population of Neapolitans than to a group of Milanese or Turinese. It wasn’t easy, but at the same time I wanted to give my people the best.

“In Naples you live on values”

Your texts tell about your daily life, your city, your pride in being Neapolitan. But above all your roots, to which you are anchored. Do you think that these values ​​of yours have also helped you to be loved so much, given the strong lack of values ​​today?

In Naples people live on values, but also those who don’t have them and learn them by listening to the pieces. What brought me closer to people was my behavior, my not being distant. Mine is not being above, but being next to people. What binds me to my city. Fans if they stop me on the street first ask me questions about how I live life in general, then ask me for the photo.

Naples is everything. Naples is the base of rap, Naples is the rhymes I make in the songs, Naples is the fans and the haters. Naples is everything, it inspires me every day. And everything I do is for Naples. Maybe, if I had been born in another city, I wouldn’t have been so “patriotic”, having been born here I feel this responsibility to represent my city and the Neapolitan in Europe and who knows, we’ll see later.

You moved a tour date for the Champions League match…

Date shift? It was obvious for the quarter-finals of the Champions League: if Napoli had won they would have gone to the semi-finals (Oh mama – he says with a little bitterness). It was very important. For the people who had bought tickets and had to come to my concert, but also for me: I myself wanted to attend that show.

And for the Napoli championship…

With all the superstitions of the case, in view of a historic event like the Napoli championship, will you write a song to remember this moment?

This will be an inspirational period for all artists in general. I was born 12 years after winning the Scudetto in 1990… and this year, when it happens, that day I will be among the people to celebrate, with masks and balaclavas, of course, but I will be among the people. It is a moment that every Neapolitan must experience. There are elderly people waiting for this moment. I can’t say if I’ll make a song but we’re getting organized to do something nice for Naples and to celebrate the Scudetto in the best possible way.