Geolier and the appeal: “Enough hatred for Sanremo”

“I’m grateful to have received so much love from my people, it was incredible”

“Enough with this hatred. Angelina deserved to win, music is union”. This is the appeal that Geolier, in a video published on Instagram, launches to try to overcome clashes and controversies after the 2024 Sanremo Festival won by Angelina Mango. Yesterday the Neapolitan rapper returned home, welcomed by an immense crowd in Secondigliano. The videos released on social media show Geolier looking out from the balcony while chants and whistles start from the street towards Sanremo.

“I’m grateful to have received so much love from my people, it was incredible. But they’re filming something that I don’t like, it’s very bad. Some videos in which I was celebrating by jumping to a chant ‘who doesn’t jump Mango is’… The the chorus was ‘he who doesn’t jump is a Juventus player’, I’m Neapolitan and not a Juventus player… This isn’t what matters”, says Geolier.

“What matters is that we need to remove this hatred. Among us artists there may be a bit of healthy competition but there is no hatred. Music is union, not division, remove this hatred. Just think that two kids have written a page in the history of Italian music. Enough with this hatred, enough with these comments under the posts, mine and those of others. We artists are fine, we love each other, we don’t feel hatred. The winner always deserves credit. The winner in this case has deserved. Personal and subjective ideas are fine, but “Angelina Mango” won and deserved it. Enough”, he concludes.