Geolier, the return to Naples after Sanremo: plaque and fireworks

The chatter that accompanied the participation of Geolier at Sanremo 2024 have been abundantly covered by explosions of joy from his fans who welcomed the rapper triumphantly at the return to Naplesat his home, in the Gescal district, the popular neighborhood between Miano and Secondigliano where Emanuele Palumbo, aka Geolier, lives with his family.
Geolier made his way among his supporters who crowded to applaud him around the van in which he traveled to return to his city which he decided to celebrate it in an official way by giving it a plaque in honor of his experience at the Festival, consecration of a memorable season in which the best is yet to come.

The spontaneous festival of the Neapolitans

Naples celebrates Geolier, the artist who with his talent and youthful energy is helping to offer apositive and successful image of the cityregardless of the Ariston verdicts and the controversies that weighed down a week in which the rapper still managed to give his best, taking home the title of winner of the covers evening and a silver medal as second place after the winner Angelina Mango.

There crowd who waited for the singer in Secondigliano on Sunday evening upon her arrival from Sanremo she was irrepressible and has blocked the streets of the neighborhood resulting in a spontaneous party that continued for hours and was enriched by fireworks which are reserved for the best occasions.
Stadium chants, chants to the tune of Geolier’s greatest hits and, of course, thousands of voices uniting on the verses of I’m for me, you’re for youa song launched at the Festival, already a hit on all streaming platforms with global results.
For Geolier’s fan base, which has its heart right in his Neapolitan neighbourhood, the singer is the absolute winner of the event, an unrivaled idol even off stage for the way in which he was able to stand up to the boos and criticisms of those who did not have appreciated that song with its international and ultra-contemporary sound but written in dialect.
Geolier who demonstrated to journalists and on TV that he has broad shoulders and has maintained a composed attitude in replying that he doesn’t care much about the boos, he thanked the fans from the balcony of his house saying that his victory is not individual but collective. And, at a certain point, for a moment, he joins in the crowd’s boos in response to those directed at him during the match. For him, however, it is not the time for recriminations: it is the time to rejoice and enjoy this incredible moment.

The plaque from the mayor: “They are the property of Naples”

On Monday 12 February Geolier crossed the city to reach the Male Angevin within which one took place ceremony for the delivery of a plaque awarded by the Municipality of Naples to the artist who left his mark on the Festival, 2024 edition.
Geolier, who was welcomed in triumph here too, made a few short statements in his simple and immediate style, reminding those present and Mayor Manfredi that his goal is to do well, to honor the city and his childhood dreams.
After thanking everyone for the closeness which was not to be taken for granted, despite the concept of union being intrinsic to the nature of the Neapolitan people, he declared to the national press present: “I went in Sanremo with the aim of bringing the Neapolitan language there and I succeededI was happy with everything” and concluded: “They are the property of Naples simply”. Forever.

Daniela Di Maggio “outraged” by the mayor’s choice

While Geolier receives recognition from the highest authorities of the city of Naples for his successes in Sanremo, Daniela Di Maggio, mother of Giovanbattista Cutolo“Giogiò”, the young musician killed last August for trivial reasons – remembered by his mother during the first evening of the event – lashes out against the municipality’s decision to award a medal to the rapper.
Even her son, the woman said in an interview with Corriere del Mezzogiornodefended the values ​​and culture of the city – the reasons behind the award given to Geolier – Why wasn’t Giogiò awarded any medal? The woman’s outburst has nothing to do with the artist to whom she acknowledges having shown closeness and participation on the occasion of her son’s funeral, in addition to the artistic merits linked to his peculiar way of writing and making music. Giogiò’s mother laments the exclusion of a victim from the discourse linked to her artistic contribution and raises her voice precisely on the days in which Geolier enjoys the embrace of the city.

The harsh comment by Franco Cutolo, Giogiò’s father

Even harsher was Franco Cutolo, Giogiò’s father, who shared a polemical post on Facebook quoting Eduardo De Filippo with his “fuitevenne”, harshly criticizing Mayor Mandredi’s choice and sharing the photo of Geolier with a golden machine gun in his hands to the YouTube cover of his piece Narcos: “Geolier + a lucky boy because he found himself pushed by a media and advertising mechanism which, regardless of the Sanremo Festival, allowed him to intercept the mood of the boys – wrote Cutolo -. But this does not justify his unpresentability, his his lack of culture and preparation. I say this as an artist who has always represented minorities in his theatre, who has given space to popular culture and subaltern cultures but here, however, we only find the culture of brutality”, he told ‘AGI Franco Cutolo. “I learned that Geolier is one of the mythical killers of mine

son and it doesn’t surprise me”, continued the director, even though Geolier went to Giovanbattista’s funeral and launched an appeal to the boys to condemn the murder. “But it’s rhetoric, what matters is what he represents: in his look, in his way of speaking, in the model it offers to street kids. Let’s stop, please, with the vulgar parochialism whereby since he is Neapolitan we Neapolitans must hope that an unpresentable person wins Sanremo.” And again: “This parochialism, this self-consolation is the ruin of Naples. Certain symbols strengthen the underworld and if the underworld becomes stronger, more Giogiòs will be killed who could give so much to our city. I’m sorry that politics has become a numbers business, that the mayor lends himself to this only because the numbers of followers, streaming and downloads count. The millions. Not the quality. The numbers count. I don’t speak out of classism nor do I despise the suburbs. Simply, I am ashamed that this type of representation is honored. And not only because I am Giogiò’s father. I say this as a Neapolitan and as an artist.”